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Adsense Calculator:
Our AdSense Calculator helps Google AdSense users understand what affects their potential earnings allowing users to experiment with values:

- Daily Page Impressions. Use your average, anticipated, orcurrent daily page impressions, which indicates how many times ads are shownper page
- Click Through Rate (CTR) The CTR represents how many visitorsclick on your advertisements. You can access this information easily on yourGoogle AdSense stats page labeled "CTR." The average rate isestimated to be about 1.5%.
- Cost Per Click (CPC). Your CPC is the average amount paid whensomeone clicks one of your advertisements. To find your average CPC, take theamount of money earned from AdSense (daily, monthly, or all time) and divide itby your total clicks (daily, monthly, or all time).


- AtoZ SEO Tools PHP Script v1.1 (or) Latest

Refer "How to Install.txt" file!

Change Log:

Version 1.1
- Added support for AtoZ SEO Tools v2

Version 1.0
- Initial release


Google Adsense Calculator

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